Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Summer Shoes for Toddlers

Two weeks ago I had to embark on a quest to find my son the perfect summer sandals. We tested out several pairs after this happened:
As Nicky is getting older, more independent and much more mobile, going to the playground has become a daily challenge. On top of him running wild, it has now become warm and the sprinklers have been turned on. At Every. Single. Park!!! 
Every morning we roll up to the park in our stroller. Nicholas releases an ear-piercing scream and does some Cirque du Soleil type of maneuver to free himself out of the stroller straps. Before I have a chance to say anything, he is off at tops speeds, going straight into those sprinklers. Two minutes later he is back, with a big grin, to grab his ball and he is off again. Another five minutes later he comes back all concerned and perturbed, because he is now soaking wet.  
We go through this every day. I dry, change and comfort him and tell him a million times that he is not to go into the water anymore. As soon as I put him down he charges straight into the puddles and starts splashing about again. 
After going through this a few times, I went on Amazon (hello, two day Prime shipping!) and ordered eight pairs of shoes. We tried on all of them and Nicholas gave his feedback.

Geox B Craze 33 Sandal Review

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