Thursday, February 16, 2017

Best Toys for Toddlers

toys for toddlers 2-3 year old

A few days ago, I came into my son's room in the morning and said "Hi, Baby!", as I always do. T
o which he replied - "No Baby. BOY.
Well, how did that happen?!! 

Nicky is clearly no longer a baby, yet nowhere near the grown and independent person that he wants to be. Each day he is conquering new skills (like putting on his jacket or drawing a straight line) while constantly testing his boundaries. And although it can be difficult for all parties involved (hello, temper tantrums), it is amazing to teach him and watch him learn.

However, one thing I have figured out about toddlers is that you have to have them constantly engaged in something, especially at home. Otherwise, they start coming up with their own activities and that can turn into a mess of cosmic proportions. Luckily, there are so many toys available for this age group, so I picked out some of our current favorites to share with you. 

Toys For Toddlers: Reviewed


Thursday, December 15, 2016

Christmas Gifts for Your Infant, Toddler, Teen and Everything in Between

It's that time of the year when we are scrambling to get everything done - decorate, prepare holiday meals, wrap things up at work, make sure everyone in the family has their winter gear, and of course, get the presents ready for the holidays.

Have you figured out what Santa will bring your little ones this year? If not, don't worry! Take a look below at the gift ideas for all age groups.

If you see something your child would love, click on it to see where to buy. And not to worry, it will definitely get to you before Christmas - most of these options come with two-day shipping ;)

P.S. If you are having trouble finding the perfect Christmas gift for the adults in your life, check this post for ideas what to get everyone on your list!

Christmas Gifts for Teens and Pre-Teens


Thursday, November 24, 2016

Black Friday Sales for Kids

Hi Mommies,

Just to save you a little time, I put together a quick guide where to shop for your kiddies on Black Friday. Check out the links and images below (everything is clickable!) and enjoy the discounts along with your Turkey!

Happy Thanksgiving!


Monday, October 3, 2016

How to Dress Your Kids for Fall

toddler infant boys outfit ideas for fall

Hello, October! Wasn't it like 80-something just a few days ago and everyone was complaining about the heat? Same people are now complaining about the cold! It is that confusing season, when you aren't sure weather to put on sandals or boots, long sleeve or short sleeve, jacket or no jacket, wrap yourself in a scarf and put on mittens or bring a bathing suit. It can be even more confusing if you have to dress a kid! (Look back at my spring post about what to dress your child in at different temperatures!)

This time last year, Nicky was one well-dressed infant, if I dare say so myself! This year, however, I am in some sort of denial about summer being over and I am yet to buy him his cold weather gear. That said, my resistance was officially broken yesterday, when my son simply looked at me and said "Mama, cold!", while pointing outside.

Although we already had some wool sweaters and a super cute Aston Martin blazer from Little Rags & Riches, toddlers can be unpredictable people and I knew we will need a lot more stuff! So I spent the night on my laptop browsing Nordstrom Rack, Century 21, Bloomingdale's and Ralph Lauren Friends & Family sales, as well as Carters, Old Navy, Joe Fresh and H&M.

I ended up getting a ton of great stuff for him (and a few things for me, haha :) at pretty good prices and I can't wait to share his new looks with you! (Follow my Instagram to see his outfits!) But for now you can click through the items below to see what I picked up as well as some suggestions and great deals for your little ones!

Our purchases:


Thursday, August 18, 2016

Outdoor Places to Visit with Kids in Staten Island

One of the things I love about living in Staten Island is all the fun, kid-friendly places and activities available here. Beaches, parks, playgrounds, hiking trails and more - all a short drive way from home! Below are some of the places we visited and enjoyed since Nicky started walking:

1. Cedar Grove

Cedar Grove area, located to the right of Miller Field at the very end of New Dorp Lane by the water, is one of our favorite places to hang out. The little path that snakes along the beach through trees and shrub is a perfect place to let the toddler run wild and free. We often walk along the ocean or visit a small, secluded playground at the corner of New Dorp and Cedar Grove Ave.
If you walk towards Ebbits ave. you will find the entrance to one of New York's most private public beaches. After Sandy, this once privately-owned area was bought out by the City and rebuilt into a beach, now open to the public. It is small, gated, relatively clean and not crowded. 

Cedar Grove Staten Island Places to Visit with Kids

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