Monday, October 3, 2016

How to Dress Your Kids for Fall

toddler infant boys outfit ideas for fall

Hello, October! Wasn't it like 80-something just a few days ago and everyone was complaining about the heat? Same people are now complaining about the cold! It is that confusing season, when you aren't sure weather to put on sandals or boots, long sleeve or short sleeve, jacket or no jacket, wrap yourself in a scarf and put on mittens or bring a bathing suit. It can be even more confusing if you have to dress a kid! (Look back at my spring post about what to dress your child in at different temperatures!)

This time last year, Nicky was one well-dressed infant, if I dare say so myself! This year, however, I am in some sort of denial about summer being over and I am yet to buy him his cold weather gear. That said, my resistance was officially broken yesterday, when my son simply looked at me and said "Mama, cold!", while pointing outside.

Although we already had some wool sweaters and a super cute Aston Martin blazer from Little Rags & Riches, toddlers can be unpredictable people and I knew we will need a lot more stuff! So I spent the night on my laptop browsing Nordstrom Rack, Century 21, Bloomingdale's and Ralph Lauren Friends & Family sales, as well as Carters, Old Navy, Joe Fresh and H&M.

I ended up getting a ton of great stuff for him (and a few things for me, haha :) at pretty good prices and I can't wait to share his new looks with you! (Follow my Instagram to see his outfits!) But for now you can click through the items below to see what I picked up as well as some suggestions and great deals for your little ones!

Our purchases:

Currently wearing:

Driving Beebee ;)

Unique and budget-friendly pieces for girls from a British brand Monsoon:

Outwear ideas:

1. S13 Blue Jacket (on sale, $70)  /  2. Ombre Jacket  /  3. Red Burberry Jacket (on sale!)

7. Toggle Jacket  /  8. Aviator Jacket  /  9. Ralph Lauren Puffer Jacket (on sale, $60)


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