Monday, April 11, 2016

Sephora Sale Must Haves

It's time for Sephora Annual Sale! Every year a few weeks before my birthday, Sephora throws me a birthday party by offering 10 to 15% off their entire store. You can join in on the party with the following Sephora Sale Codes: 
BINOTE for 10% off for all customers
15% off with code VIBNOTE for VIB members
15% off with code ROUGENOTE for VIB Rouge members

Below are some of my must haves and all time favorites:  

- amazing primer that hides your pores and other skin imperfections.

 - my favorite night cream

- a trio of masks including Cucumber gel, 24K Gold and Irish Moor Mud masks.

- the best charcoal mask to cleanse your skin

- this treatment works wonders on cleansing and shrinking my pores! The difference was visible after just a few uses.

- my favorite lip tint which I also use in lieu of blush 

- I tried a sample of this mascara and went for the size. It does wonder for my eyelashes!

 - One of the top recommended highlighter on the market

- The best foundation I have tried. It doesn't feel heavy or cakey on the skin, yet provides full coverage and lasts all day.

- My go-to volumizing shampoo for many years 

- A nourishing treatment to perfect your skin and maintain your youth.

- A troubleshooter for my skin, clears up any pimples and cleanses at the same time.

While filling up my cart, I went a little crazy and got a few more things:

Sephora Favorites Meet Your Match - Three nail polish + lip color duos for only $25!

Image courtesy of Darling Dee Dee

- Since I love their lip tints so much, I decided to try the eye tints as well

- Because Nicky used my last eyelash curler as a teething toy... :(
- I tried it in store and the Porecelain shade matched my skin color perfectly!
- After receiving a sample of this lip pencil in Siren Red I decided to try another on in Pink Mauve.
- Trying to fight my undereye circles with this corrector in Papaya

- For $20, I decided to give this color corrector kit a try since it gets such great reviews!

I can't wait for my makeup haul to get here in the mail tomorrow!! I will make sure to share my favorites on my Instagram after trying everything out!

Please share some of your beauty favorites as well in the comments below ;)

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