Wednesday, March 16, 2016

The Imperfect Mom

Me: Old Navy Sweater (similar here and here), Jeans,
Adidas sneakers, INC bag (similar here and here)

I'm not the perfect mom I always though I'd be.

My house is very often a mess. 

My kid doesn't always have a freshly made soup for dinner. 

My nails aren't polished. My hair is in a bun. And, in this moment, as I am writing this, I am wearing the dreaded sweatpants.  

I haven't lost the pregnancy weight (oh my god, still!!!!) 
But I did write a post about all the ways not to loose those pounds.

Earlier today I caught Nicky running around the house with four baby carrots and a screw driver.

I've confessed to my cat that actually, she's my favorite child (this was after Nicky threw my phone into the bath tub)

I don't share my cookies with him. (I hide in the bathroom and eat them)

Sometimes I put the TV on just to avoid the "I don't want to eat that" drama.

I try to speak softly and be patient but there are times when I raise my voice.

And in the end of some days, when all else fails, I just pour myself a glass of wine and skip cleaning up the toys (because they will be all over the place anyway 10 minutes after he wakes up!)

There are probably more things on this list which I am too embarrassed to admit. 

But there was one thing I really, really, wanted to make sure I do when I have a child. Before I was pregnant we took a picture at the Botanical gardens with me wearing a long silk dress. When I was eight months pregnant, I squeezed myself into the same dress and took the same picture. Last summer, I was planning to take that picture again, with my son in my arms. But we never got around to it.

This month, we went for a walk in the Botanical gardens and came across the same location where we shot the first two pictures. Naturally, I grabbed Nicky and my husband shot a picture of us with my phone. I wasn't wearing the long silky dress. We didn't have the professional camera with us. The lighting in the picture is completely off. It's spring and not summer so the trees are totally bare. And yet, this is the most awesome picture of the two of us!

Being a mama has taught me this: things will never be in the perfectly correct order ever again. And that is just fine. Life is still perfect that way :)


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